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Brought this over from the other thread. Seemed like the appropriate place for it.

Originally Posted by Deicide View Post

Possible gnome allied race being seeded?
Originally Posted by Menel'dirion View Post
I hope so. It’s got some good potential. Begs 2 questions: what happened to these Gnomes and how would it change them?

Off-hand theories:
Temporal displacement - Time Gnomes, with racials that might stasis lock an enemy (or ally, or the gnome itself). I love Hearth-Stone’s Toki the Time Tinkerer. Wouldn’t mind seeing more of that.

Old God Shenanigans - Faceless Gnomes. Gnomes that look like the Spawn of N’zoth, also from Hearthstone.

Uploaded into the mainframe - we build them new mechagnome bodies. Maybe mecha-Druidic transformers? (I mean with all those new mechanimals they’ve been doing for Gnomish Hunters, why not?)

Something pulled them away from their technological prowess and turned them into Forest Gnomes.
Just a thought I had since writing my post: Faceless Gnomes might be better off resembling the Corrupted Loot Hoarder as opposed to the Spawn of N’Zoth.

I suppose their may be clues to what happened to them based on what sort of wildlife or mobs are around. For instance, Leper Gnomes can eventually devolve into ooze.

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