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K, 1st of all, Melorandor, I love it.

I’m the mean time, while I’m a huge Elf fan and intend to play all 4 of the currently available branches, I do feel that we have more than enough saturation of Elves, and we really ought to have a higher ratio of other species. I can’t see the number of Elven races decreasing ever, so getting more of the races that should be more varied and more prolific. These are, by my estimation: Humans, and maybe Trolls.

There are a couple ways I can see to do this. One could pass over other races and instead double down on Races that could use more variety, and I have no doubt Blizz would have no compunction in doing this, but it would be a slight against whatever race they pass over. They could also merge further alternatives with those of other races, namely the Undead, since they are defined both one race cursed into another. I have a few ideas along these lines.

1. Humans. We really only need one more race of humans, as we technically have 2 with humans and Worgen, with Kul Tirans on the way. I would suggest the following to bring them up to at least as many as Elves:
1a. Cultists: Undead Allied Race. Old cult of the damned members. Could use the new skinny human model
1b. Burning Dead. Already posted on this, but undead animated by red dragon fire. I actually like these for the Alliance
1c. Kul Tirassians Kvaldir.

2. Trolls. They’ve already got a wide variety. I had this idea for undead Amani Trolls with Zul’jin as a racial leader. Of course this is unlikely, as I Zul’jin is unlikely to ally with any faction that has any Elves in it.
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