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Loot Bag

Is it double-posting when the last post is over 2 months old? Is it necroing when the thread is a sticky? Anyways, possible spoilers, though the info is readily available in game.

So I’m looking at the Dungeon Journal for MOTHERLODE!, and it looks like we’re decapitating Venture Co. I could see either side trying to fill in the gap in leadership. Maybe Gazlowe of the Steamwheedle or Gallywix and the Bilgewater will do a hostile takeover. Maybe the Alliance will buy up the assets, or liberate the slaves who used to run it. My point is that we could see a new playable faction of goblins, either as a subsidiary of the Bilgewater, the Steamwheedle, or as a new entity.

Also, the dungeon revolves primarily around Azerite. Could Azerite change the goblins who mine it, just like Kajamite did so long ago.

What I’d like to see is the Hob-Goblins rise up and take over the company now that their Goblin overseers are gone, with their minds heightened by Azerite. But how would you see this turn of events create a Goblinoid Allied Race?
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