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Originally Posted by Ujimasa Hojo View Post
Assuming they have a direction they're planning to go to. For all we know, they change story at a whim. Remember "honorable" portrayals of Garrosh back then.
Usually Garrosh's portrayal changed across expansions, not usually within the same expansion.

His introduction line in Mists of Pandaria is him going "ALLIANCE BLOOD IS SPILLED THIS PLEASES ME." and him bombing Theramore; so that really was setting up his downfall pretty hard. Whereas Cataclysm had you fighting alongside him all chummy in Twilight Highlands and they had that scene in Stonetalon and stuff.

So I imagine they pretty much know what they're doing for the conclusion. They've gotta build the art assets and stuff which takes a lot of time.

But I imagine this Sylvanas option was added at the last second. But ultimately it does mean whatever's happening to her does not rely on the player betraying her. It relies on her rangers getting killed and Saurfang escaping with twinky troll boy.
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