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Map Menel'Dirion's Dragon Isles Expansion Idea

-Setting: The Dragon Isles (I hope you weren't expecting somewhere different). We follow Wrathion, Ebonhorn, Kalec, etc. to the Dragon Ilses, where we help rejuvenate the dragonflights. This is a building expansion: we're helping establish colonies (that we won't be managing ourselves, so not Garrisons), helping them grow, building trade routes, etc.
-You visit an Island dedicated to each of the Dragonflights, and at that Island you help restore that Dragonflight. The Aspects do not regain their immortality or full aspect power, but they regain status as an actual living species with the ability to reproduce, etc.
-The expansion eventually leads to the Void, with conflicts arising with the Twilight Dragonflight, Void Dragons, the Infinite dragonflight, etc. Other groups we might ally with, fight with, etc. etc. include the Dragonmaw Clan (who have been more or less MIA since between Pandaria and WoD), Sky Pirates, Dragon-hunting Vrykul who are trying to please Odyn by hunting Dragons to Extinction.... etc.

Mechanic #1: the Airship
The first thing you do in this expansion is commission a ship to take you to the Dragon Isles. However, you cannot approach the Dragon Isles by sea. They are massive, and their shoreline is cliffs, not safe harbors. They're surrounded by jagged rocks that make a naval approach inadvisable.
Instead you must fly to them.

Your airship is basically player housing that you can take from zone to zone, including some zones outside the dragon isles with appropriate ports. Indeed, you'll be tasked with conducting trade between different Skyports in the Dragon Isles and the rest of the world, buying low, selling high, etc. The more quests, trading, and missions you do for a particular colony, the more that colony will grow, but it does so autonomously. It's not your colony.

You will select your crew from races available to your faction as well as neutral/creep races.

Airships will be able to accomodate a variety of races and aesthetic styles including the ones we've seen in game so far as well as new designs that reflect Pandaren, Sindorei, Night Elf, Draenei, and Undead Aesthetics.

Mechanic #2. the Hatchling
When you reach end game, you will receive dragon egg from the flight of your choice. You go on a short quest-line to hatch the egg, and then you have a whelp that is your responsibility to raise. It has it's own xp bar, and each flight has it's own behaviors that may lend themselves to whatever kind of playstyle you want to play. For instance:
- Blue whelps want to learn magic, so they will copy whatever spells you cast.
- Green whelps are great with crowd control, putting enemies to sleep or making them (or you) ethereal as needed.
- Black whelps are bold and brash, and will attract attention to themselves. Best if used by tanks.
-Red whelps are natural healers.
-Bronze whelps might freeze a moment, or rewind damage, slow enemies or freeze yourself.

I have no specific thoughts on races or classes to introduce for this expansion, but there's room for such, depending on what is needed at the time.

One alternative idea to renewing the Dragonflights is rather creating new ones using Proto-Drakes, Wind-Serpents, or Elemental Drakes.

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