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Originally Posted by Menel'dirion View Post
Maybe go full Kaiju. Galakrond is the Father of Dragons. I imagine Xibala was around the same time. What if there were other gigantic monsters out there in the age before dragons, and what if they started coming back?
In such a vein I have long wondered about the various gigantic skeletons around Azeroth. Like the enormous petrified "kodo" (or rather, probably kodo/thunder lizard precursor) remains in Tanaris, or the Dead Goliaths in Desolace.

Like maybe at some point in primal post-Old God Azeroth - like, say, when Freya was wandering around studying the planetwide explosion of new life - there might have been many colossal monsters who evolved from leftover elemental creatures alongside the dragons as part of the new ecosystem.

Perhaps have the existence of Wild Gods originate from certain individual animals evolving increased intelligence and strength in order to protect their respective species from being wiped out by gargantuan monsters who would otherwise hunt them to extinction.

Then such massive creatures could have largely (though not entirely; we've still got stuff like krakens and leviathans around, after all) died out between Wild Gods fighting back and the Keepers and their titan-forged slaying any that were especially laying waste to the burgeoning new balance of life around them.

Then from the same angle, it could be speculated that Draenor's Wild Gods (Anzu, Sethe and Rukhmar, especially) emerged as a similar response to Breakers and Primals marching around the continent collaterally wiping out smaller life forms left-and-right as they warred with each other for dominance.

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