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I remember back in my home town there was an Automobile repair shop who was owned by devout Christians. They had a reputation of not lying to you or screwing you over for their service so it was relatively cheap. I have great experiences with religious acquaintances but my parents never raised me to be religious.

Socrates was the one that said someone would only be virtuous if someone else was watching didn't he? I think he was right. A religious man always believes someone is watching and this compels them to do better then someone who isn't.

A devout religious man isn't stupid or evil. They dedicate their purpose in life to something higher then themselves even if that thing is just an idea and not some divine manifestation. Assuming you know any better is arrogant because humans know very little about the universe because there are some things we just can't know. Atheism is just as absurd but without any meaning.

Psychology tells us that human brain firsts reacts based off of intuition. The reasoning portion of your brain acts more like a lawyer then a teacher. It tries to rationalize your intuition to make you feel better about it. A thief will first want something someone else has and then try to rationalize it based off of necessity or perceived victim-hood or what ever. Humans act self-centered without some sort of checks and balances.

I think in the case of someone that believes in an afterlife of redemption or damnation or that an omnipotent being is always watching over them those psychological processes are a bit different. Christian tenants are basically not being a burden on everyone else due to laziness or malice and to contribute to the society you live in and breed so the society continues. Sounds like a recipe to a prosperous society to me.
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