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Originally Posted by Cemotucu View Post
What about... Abathur?
He could be interesting, he is amoral and intelligent, nice mix. Tassadar could be another interesting candidate for the "smart guy."

Some of my thoughts:

-Brightwing is pretty interesting/crazy but a probable negatory given the latest update. ETC is of similar characteristics (interesting/crazy). Stitches could also have those characteristics but while zany he is just not much of a character.

-Arthas/Illidan/Diablo as I've mentioned before

-Jaina could be interesting if it is idealist!Jaina, interesting female counterpart to Nova/Valla.

-Early, for the Horde/rebel/honor Thrall could be an interesting counter to Nova/Valla, Jimmy works too to a lesser extent.

-Kerrigan is similar to Sylvie and again a BA female so not that interesting of an addtion... but she has history with Nova and can be interesting if Dark Angel likes the idea (i.e. it gets his creative juices going).
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