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Originally Posted by Siegrune View Post
In addition to the question of why Stormwind kings were subject to other rulers, it doesn't seem to explain why the planet is called Azeroth.
It would have been subject to another nation because of the way it was founded. Which it would be easy to theorize it was a colony of Arathor. My mistake was forgetting about Arathor and tossing Stormwind under Lordaeron's power. Colonies clearly exist in the Eastern Kingdoms because a place like Menethil Harbor exists.

One could say that Azeroth is a corruption of the word Arathor much in the same way emperor is a corruption of the word Imperator. Kaiser and tzar are a corruption of the word Caesar, for another example. Why would these be names of both a kingdom and a planet? Because they're named in honor of Arathor.

Any titan use of word Azeroth to describe the planet could be considered a translation since I would doubt the titans called the planet Azeroth.

Following up on this from Wowpedia:
Following the defeat of the trolls, the human mages that had been instructed by the high elves eventually chose to leave Strom and found their own nation, Dalaran, dedicated to the study and use of magic. In time, other city-states were founded: Gilneas, Alterac, and Kul Tiras. Much of the nobility decided to move from Stromgarde to the fertile lands of the north, founding Lordaeron, while the heirs of King Thoradin travelled far south to form the kingdom of Azeroth (later known as Stormwind). The few remaining loyal defenders of Strom renamed it Stromgarde, a shell of what was left of a once-great empire.
So it would be easy to see why it was named the kingdom of Azeroth if Azeroth is a corruption of the word Arathor like I said.

Now, we can go a few places with this and I think either work:

1. Stormwind/Azeroth was founded before the fall of Arathor.


2. Stormwind and Azeroth were seperate kingdoms until they were joined by marriage or war.

This is mostly just theorizing.

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