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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
Well, "food" animals have been evolving with us for 15-8k years too. Not much of an argument there. Not to mention the moral argument is trivial to shoot down by simple equivalence to other animals. South Park did a good job of mocking this viewpoint in the episode where Stan sets out to stop Japanese whaling.

Though ironically while they are right in principle the example is bad since whales are rare and too intelligent to be slaughtered.
Dogs have been with us for thousands of years longer and were not domesticated for food. For tens of thousands of years, they've been bred to be our friends, hunting partners, coworkers, and brothers-in-arms. They may have even given us the edge to beat out Neanderthals. Comparing them to any other animal is a false equivalence.

My only objection to eating dogs is that it is inefficient, better fatten up some piglets. I'd probably still be grossed out at the thought of eating dog but that is more of an ingrained cultural thing than a moral one.
From a practical standpoint, yes, it makes no sense to raise dogs for food. That just makes it even worse when people do.
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