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Italian Elections were last night, went as well as expected.
Right Wing Coalition: 37%
Five Star Movement (Populists): 32%
Left WIng Coalition: 23%

With the remainder being split up among a bunch of other smaller parties.
The New Italian system gives a majority once a coalition has reached 40%, they changed it since Italy has a habit of being really unstable.

From what I can tell, in terms of seats the breakdown is as follows:
Right wing coalition: 252 seats
Five Star Movement: 235 seats
Left wing coalition: 115 seats

For the Senate
Right wing coalition: 134 seats
Five Star Movement: 114 seats
Left wing coalition: 51 seats

As far as for what may happen. there's likely not going to be an EU referendum despite The Northern League (biggest faction in RWC) and Five Star being Anti-EU however there's a possibility of the reintroduction of the lira as five star and the League have both made mentions of doing such.

All in all, fun times.
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