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Originally Posted by Gortrash View Post
I think what everyone fails to realize yet is that the scenario stinking of fanwank to boot is NOT the worst part. The really REALLY scary part is that it seems like Blizzard are going somewhere with this and seeding future story elements for even MORE potential MU/AU crossovers. YEY!
Likely they’ll consolidate...... that’s what Chronicle III suggests. We’ve gotten used to thinking of WoD as taking place in a wholly separate universe, but at one point they were one. Then a separate possibility spun out into its own Timeway, one where Rulkan lived and Garrosh wasn’t borne. It would have dissipated and come to naught had it not been for Garrosh and Kairoz. It can be redirected back into the main Timeway. Who knows what such a massive confluence would do. Could be interesting..................
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