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I did previously propose one alternative WC3/WoW universe along similar lines. Thrall's orcish uprising would have represented less of a spiritual revolution or restoration to shamanism but something more akin to an Iron Horde industrial revolution. It would have involved an industrialized orcish capital built on the ruins of Stormwind, with the Horde reconquering Azeroth while the northern kingdoms dealt with their own problems. (Stormwind/Azeroth was basically a no-show in WC3 anyway.) So the primary focus would have remained in what we now refer to as the Eastern Kingdoms. Admittedly I was inspired by the GW2 charr here, but the Iron Horde from WoD already provided good aesthetic justification for that particular industrial turn.

If one was worried about tauren, WC3 could have continued the proud and honored tradition of taking inspiration from Dragonlance (hello, Jeff Grubb and Richard Knaak), then the tauren could have been seafarers from the islands around Balor. Knaak even had experience writting Dragonlance novels of such minotaurs. And the Gurubashi jungle trolls and goblins happen to also be nearby too. So there is a solid Horde composition right there.

Also while we are at it, can we scrap notions of the Dragon Aspects?

Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
When it comes to the high elves and the night elves, and this is something we've been discussing a lot with another Warcraft II grongard on my Retrocraft discord (as I am dealing with the matter in my fanwork), the night elves as presented in the final version of Warcraft III do not particularly work without first retconning the elves of Quel'thalas, otherwise you end up with too much an overlap, since the elves of Warcraft II were both druidic and lunar themed. This means if one wants to keep the Sentinels in some form without retconning the elves of Quel'thalas, they need to be significantly different from their Reign of Chaos incarnation.
Embracing that overlap would not be that problematic, IMHO, as one could simply make all such elves as one of the new factions. It's not as if elven priests and sorceresses were of critical importance or memorable for the "Human campaign" of WC3 anyway.

Also, as a grognard who veers away from Discord, I would LOVE to hear more details about y'all's Retrocraft.
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