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Sure, that was also offered as an explanation. There's a disagreement between her account and the Azeroth calendar, as she claims the first war started ~15 years after the first attack on Stormwind when the Stormwind timeline claims it was ~10 years later. A period of ~10-15 years elapsed between the supposed opening of the dark portal and the beginning of the first war; the timeline is vague as to the time between the opening of the portal and the first attack on Stormwind, which could be anywhere from under a year to ~5 years.
There's actually never been any disagreement between the two, some people simply misread the manual (though to their defense, it had to do with certain prints of the manual lacking proper formatting). The prologue and epilogue of Lothar's chronicle (both written in italics to differentiate them from the rest of the chronicle in the original print of the manual) speak of the current day, ie the start of the war and the rise of Blackhand, and they are dated to "some forty years since Aegwynn's first arrival to Azeroth", ie about forty years after 558/9 (as Medivh is born in 559). Basically, there's no discrepancy like some assumed for years, the war starts with the arrival/rise of Blackhand, and it is about fifteen years after the opening of the Great Portal.

This further fits with the timeline established in Warcraft Adventures (620), which says that Durotan was murdered 22 years ago, as he learned of Blackhand, his blood brother, becoming the warchief.

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As I said above, I think that suffers the problem of the Scourge not really having much time in which to develop a culture and history. While I like those ideas too, I think they should be added onto a more ancient Scourge faction led by an ancient Lich King.
That's the thing, they don't need to develop anything, as just like I said, they are the direct continuation of the Shadowmoon and their cultural beliefs, only evolved. And that's something I am doing with the other kingdoms that come to follow Ner'zhul eventually (Lordaeron, Azjol-Nerub, Zul'Drak), they retain much of their culture and social structure, only trasformed through new faith. Essentially, the Scourge is like Christianity (or other newborn faiths), built upon the culture and structure of its parent, slowly absorbing new spiritual and cultural life as it expands over new territories. And since it is also a revolutionary movement essentially, there is no need to connect it to any ancient beings, be it demons, elves, guardians, etc. It should be immediate, fresh, something never seen in the universe before.
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