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Originally Posted by Nephalim View Post
Here's how I see the "I just plum forgot about it" thing.

Option A: An entire team of writers, some of whom's sole job it is to keep on top of game history and, so they allege, make sure it's consistent, just up and forgot a detail which was minor in technicality but world-shaping in practicality. A detail, incidentally, which possibly millions had retained and immediately noticed when they posted something different.

Option B: They remembered, and opted to instead institute a completely avoidable retcon. When approached about it, having no good excuse save sloth for making the change, they fed their angry public a weak lie.

So which is it, Blizzard? Idiots or assholes?

It's times like this, and it's happened before, when it dawns on me, with absolutely no hubris, that I could do a better job handling something I love than the people handling it. And that's not me tooting my own horn. It's me crying in a corner.

You know it Neph. I could have come up with a better reason for Draenei to be this way.

The Draenei were Eredar who escaped from Argus before their brethren delved too deeply into arcane magic and became demons. Then the Bad Eredar went on to be imprisoned by Sargeras etc.

SEE! It would make sense!
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