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Originally Posted by Sarahmoo View Post
Okay I figured I should let you guys know what's going down. Cantus asked me a while ago to think on some stuff to keep the fan-fiction portion of this community active and busy. I've managed to get two main ideas and I would like people to say which they would prefer and how interested they are in the idea.

The first idea is to have our own Scrolls of Lore short-story contest, in the same theme as Blizzard's ten leader stories. It would be the same format only with a different theme, perhaps ten famous Warcraft villains or notable heroes. Something along those lines. Then there would be some prize at the end of it and we would all judge which story we thought was the best. But we would need about ten people who would be interested in participating first.

The second idea is to brainstorm our own original fantasy universe. Take ideas from everyone and see if we can craft our story that is interesting with compelling characters and situations. This idea would be a lot more casual than the first with a heavy group-focus, with people posting ideas as soon they think of them with the rest of us deciding how appropriate they are. Hopefully by the end of the process we would have some semblance of an interesting RPG world.

So let me know what you guys think, how many would be interested in participating or even just if you have an entirely new idea you would like to propose. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear back from you.
Well, the War for Lordaeron is quite huge, But a shortstory-thing will be very nice!
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