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Originally Posted by Andrettin View Post
The funny thing is that despite being in so many aspects mirror images of each other, the two races were quite unbalanced - orcs had severe advantages due to the strength of bloodlusted ogres. The human paladins had healing, but it was too expensive (6 mana per HP healed) to compensate.
Only in WC2, not in 1.

And while that may make them unbalanced, that doesn't give the two races a totally distinct feel. The way say, Night Elves have a totally different feel from Orcs in WC3. (Honestly I think WC3 didn't go far ENOUGH in this regard)

I think Warcraft 3 looks really bad.
It's more visually cohesive than SC2 is I think.

Still, I do wonder what's the deal with this:
I... don't know. He's animated better than that in WC3 I think.

Yeah, that was pretty nice. I disliked the armor system though.
I like it conceptually, and certainly in Frozen Throne it was massively improved over Reign of Chaos. But I don't think it's always been used very well. Some units naturally have an advantage over others just because of design, they don't need a damage bonus. (Huntresses over grunts for example, just because they're faster, have a bounce attack and range makes them naturally good counters to anything slow that bunches up with melee damage)
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