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so I noticed liadrin mentions using a hammer in one of her HS voice lines

I was under the impression that blood knights never used hammers though? moving from a blood tempered ranseur to Liadrin picking up quel'delar

also whats taurenball?

and wtf is up with the ancient watcher, it seems to be in uldum but we never saw anything that seemed like it in WoW

also whats up with all the silver hand recruits?

and what about the gorilla knight?

also apparently tank factory in tanaris?

Also interested in clockwork giant origin

I have others but that's all I wrote down
Sylvanas shook her head. Her locks had been pale blond in life, but appeared to be silver, and now they looked almost as white as her sisters. They were the moons, Alleria had teased, calling them Lady Moon and Little Moon, while she and Lirath the eldest and the youngest were the suns of the family, with their bright golden tresses. Alleria .
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