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Originally Posted by Ethenil View Post
I guess I prefer my high fantasy settings with more magic and medieval warriors than science and guns. Like LotR & GoT.

I like my elves and orcs and humans... But not really those goblins and gnomes, although I've accepted them in t WoW setting and am fine with it.

PS: Don't have any problems with the gnomes themselves, I actually like the little guys - it's more their technology and such that bothers me slightly.
I am the complete opposite. I'd kill for a work with fantasy races that has WWI or WWII level of technology, magic is optional.

For Warcraft in particular it would be a good middle point between the "sword and axe" feel most playable races have and the "orbital canons and rockets" the more advanced races have. Some could carry swords out of sentimental reasons or due to their magical nature, some have advanced gadgets but most drive around in dirty diesel machines and shoot at each other. Or so I would like it to be.

I think Blizz might agree with me, WoW does somewhat steer in that direction and Blizz people do love the metal/grease style. But it can't really work in WoW due mainly to gear and how classes work, but also due to player expectation that WoW will be a more classic fantasy setting.

Hopefully WC4 goes full dieselpunk.

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