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Originally Posted by Ruinshin View Post
Youve not seen articles because its not deemed important by news folks. Its their job to gatekeep after all.

Just like youve not seen news articles on global social media sites banning trump support, news articles on pintrest excorcising political censorship, articles about reddit and youtube banning people for discussing it, articles about google higher ups planning election obstruction, or articles about google and reddit banning/removing videos with said video footage.

Welcome to the end game.

The Right is evil to the left.
The left is evil to the right.

I told you people in 16 that this path ends with blood.

The other sho is going to drop soon.
Information warfare is something few were prepared for. Now they're preparing for it. It seems the right has already been lost, unfortunately, and is willing to murder people over their false beliefs. Maybe we'll just have to round up conservatives and put them in not!concentration camps until this blows over.
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