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I think the bigger issue was that the Night Elves' narrative was... pretty much resolved with Frozen Throne. They sort of tried to give them a new hook with Teldrassil, but that never panned out. And the latest expansion acts as if Teldrassil has always been their home. When Ashenvale is far more the "core" of Night Elven society. Staghelm is a sort of cool idea was more or less a brat, until he was a sympathetic brat, and then he was evil. Which... is pretty much just Daelin Proudmoore syndrome. Contrived, childish conflict. That never really got properly resolved.

They were also SO far removed from anything else happening in Azeroth. Why on earth do they care about Outland or Northrend or Pandaria? But they got shoehorned into all of these conflicts. And then when they DO have something that's their own, Blizzard felt the need to involve every other possible race as much as possible. Or keep it confined to the more neutral Cenarion Circle (which is obstensibly a Night Elf organization that has invited Horde druids).

I've always maintained it would have been a lot more interesting if stuff like Hyjal was done with the understanding that the Horde players involved were kind of going against their faction's wishes. Throw-away lines from Furion for example about how "it's nice to see not every soldier of the Horde is following the example of their Warchief." Even simple flavour dialogue that's more specific to your race and faction. But they've always been hesitant to do stuff like that for some reason.

My take on pre-WoW Night Elven government was that all Night Elves are kind of just... mature and self-sufficient. Like a big huge commune or cooperative. Tyrande is the leader of the Sentinel Army but I don't think she bothers micromanaging, delegating or governing in the traditional sense. Same with Furion. Leads the druids, but he's not figuring out how to irrigate crops or how the breakdown of their power structure should be. They're a tribal society. Those things just aren't necessary for Night Elven society. And then they have a huge pantheon of powerful demigods and ancients.

They're just such an evolved society I feel like giving them petty political squabbles kinda sells them short. The personal stories are much more interesting to me than anything else.

But... yeah there've been a ton of missed opportunities with the race. Primarily in Cataclysm, Legion and now Battle for Azeroth. And I understand why that is, but it is disappointing.
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