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I still mantain the war was supposed to start in 595/596. Everything points in that direction, even if the original shenigan in the Orcs and Humans manual might have been a mistake at first.

1. The very first "new" timelines place Medivh's birth at -37. Combine that with the fall of 559, and you get the start of the war at 595/596.

2. Couple Aegwynn's fourty two winters with her coming to Azeroth during the early 559. Substract 5-6 years from that (assuming her entry is written somwhere between the First and the Second War), and you get 595/596.

3. Place the Third War at 620 and substract Thrall's 24 years, as mentioned in the Warcraft III manual, from that. You get 595/596.

4. Combine Lothar's last entry (ten years of skirmishes), and then add some twenty months of his disappearance. Now, combine that with Lothar's Warcraft II entry which clearly states he led the armies of Azeroth into war upon his return. That means the war must have begun at least twenty months after his last entry, which bringss us to 595/596.

(A side note, but it has always been my belief that Lothar was indeed considered to be the Regent character by Warcraft II, and that the entry I am speaking of simply retconned the Deadmines mission into Lothar escaping on his own right at the start of the war.)

5. Combine Garona's entry about Blackhand with Aegwynn's "Gul'dan's and Blackhand's arrival heralded a war..." and you'll get that the war couldn't have begun in 598, and that the year was more tied to Doomhammer's own rise to prominence in the already outgoing war.

How does it not fit, my friends?
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