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Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
Hard to say if that's really a Spellbreaker unit in that picture or not. Remember, WC3 just used some slightly altered Captain models for high elf infantry, but as of WoW Thalassian guardsmen use an aesthetic more akin to that of the Spellbreakers.

So it's possible that in keeping with their seeming intent to update things to more closely sync with modern WarCraft, they may use that sort of look for regular high elf soldier units in the Silvermoon missions of the Scourge campaign.

On that note, I have to wonder if we'll see felguard as a demon unit in the Reforged RoC campaigns. They only actually first appeared in WC3 as leftovers of the Legion's invasion in Dalaran and Lordaeron during TFT, but seeing as how they've since become the standard rank-and-file of any Legion invasion (including the WotA), it would make sense if they were in Archimonde's army in the revamp. Especially since their appearance in TFT established that they were indeed part of the Third War, even if we didn't actually see them during the play-through.
I hope to see new models for the archers and soldiers of the blood elves in the campaign! It would be great to see Rommath in the campaign!
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