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Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
I'm not saying you need to appease anyone. Just maybe don't say things like 'men are pigs' in such a way as to alienate even those men positively inclined toward feminism and so forth.

EDIT: And in a more general sense maybe try to focus on the positive aspects of a society where people relinquish the dated ideas you and I oppose, rather than relying on 'take that' moments where the plucky stand-in for nascent progressivism kicks in the shit of whichever slimy character has been created to serve as a stand-in for those dated ideals, which is cathartic but doesn't serve the purpose of rallying new people to the Cause.
Why'd you feel alienated by men are pigs in the first place tho?

And the problem is that there's an air of dated ideas being dated but they're still being perpetuated.
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