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Originally Posted by Saranus View Post
If that's your entire point, then point well taken. But it seems obvious to me, you attract more bees with honey, etc. Using that example in particular just seemed a bit... loaded.

Certain views and actions should be unwelcome. If these views and actions are inseparable from the person, well then... You must see the conundrum. Do we tolerate intolerance?

The people who benefit most from the status quo are outnumbered by those who are most exploited by it. This is inherent in the hierarchical structures of such systems: the Few, above the Many. We don't need people like them on our side. We need to motivate and show solidarity with those on ours, because I believe that's where the groundswell of true change for the better will come from. Appeasing shittiness won't actually change their minds or bring them to your side. All it does is alienate your side and legitimize theirs.
Yes. Yes you tolerate intolerance. And when they act on it, then you say no. Because what is tolerant and intolerance are shifting scales.
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