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Originally Posted by Ruinshin View Post
They really haven't. 50 people isn't many people. The modern day neonazi's in the united states haven't really killed lots of people, and when they act, that cell gets taken down. Same with confederates.

The same shit with Antifa and other groups like that. When shit happens, they get taken down, but the group as a whole is tolerated/left to it's devices. Like, people like to forget these groups were handing out knives and ice picks and talking about their guns and shit during the Berkley stuff in 2016.

So no, they aren't "acting" on it. Individuals are, and individuals will always do so.

There is a reason we tolerate intolerance. If you don't, the fabric of society splits. It IS splitting. Because, and this will ALWAYS happen, one side will see things a certain way, and everything will be intolerable.

Because, I mean, If we aren't going to tolerate intolerance, that's going to include the Christians. The Muslims, including the ones in the UK that are currently blocking LGBT education in schools, the anti-white folks, the anti-black folks, traditionalists, etc.

Social norms dictate what is tolerable and intolerable, and those change. That is why you tolerate, and not accept. Because you don't, aren't, and won't agree or think everything is ok, or agree with shit, and this is how society works.

It's also why you try and talk to people, instead of throwing them out into the wind, because talking changes minds. Not when you go at them like you are attacking them, mind, then they get defensive.

But chucking them out? They just get opinions reinforced and find a group that drags them further into the rabbit hole.
It's a lot more than 50, where do you get your numbers? It was 50 in Christchurch alone! How many people have antifa killed? How many people have alt-right white nationalists killed? Put up some numbers to show they are just as bad. I'll wait. I'm not okay with waiting on them to kill more people to have "permission" to stop them. That's ridiculous.
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