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So I was wondering about all these metals and ores that exist in Warcraft and thought it could be interesting to list them and classify them, taking into account strength and magical properties, and where they might be found in the world. Of course, I don't think we should only look at where they can be found in-game since they scale as the zone level rises.

Of course, I'll ignore the "normal" metals and go straight to the interesting ones. After listing them I'll try to make a hierarchy.


First, we have Mithril. Mithril exists in various fantasy environments as one of the strongest - or the strongest - metal that there is. Since it's strongly associated with dwarves, it would be logical to say this mineral can be found in the Khaz and Redridge Mountains, perhaps even in Northeron. To try and integrate gameplay, we can also place it in the northern Aerie Peaks, bordering the Plaguelands, and in the mountains of Tanaris.

Next we have Truesilver. It is a creation of Blizzard (as far as the name goes, anyway), and I couldn't find any other references to it. It's supposed to be light and strong.

Although Thorium exists in the real world, in Warcraft it is vastly different. It is said to be very heavy and strong., even classified as the strongest metal after adamant. Since there's such a thing as Enchanted Thorium Bar and many magical items created with it, and in the real world it's mostly used for its radioactive properties, we could imagine this mineral to be used mainly for enchantments and runes, or in the case of strong orcs for weapons. I would say it can be found around the Black Morass area and of course in the Searing Gorge (Thorium Brotherhood). It's name comes from Thorim.

I would say Dark Iron was created as Ragnaros was summoned to Blackrock Mountain, forever changing its geology. Either that, or it is a metal native to the Firelands. Either way, It can only be found in the areas around Blackrock Mountain. Also, it is extremely resilient, but immune to magical enchantments. Any such magical enhancement must be placed as the weapon is being forged, never later.

Cobalt in Warcraft is vastly different than in the real world. Although both are blue, Azeroth's glows blue. The idea I had, considering where it's found, is that it's a side effect of the converging ley-lines of the Nexus. This would give this metal extreme magical properties. Since it's created by the power of leylines, it should also be found around places such as Karazhan and Silvermoon. (Or Karabor and Zanagarra in Draenor).

Little needs to be said about Saronite. It is strong. Yet it is corruptive. It is found all over Northrend. I would say it is truly one of the hardest metals is Azeroth, the blood of an Old God.

Once again, Titanium also exists in the real world. But in Warcraft, it's more interesting to think of it as Titansteel, or the metal that the titans used to create their first constructs. I would imagine this is also one of the strongest metals, and can be found around Titanic bases, such as Ulduar, Uldaman and Uldum.

Obsidium is similar to the real world Obsidian. I would guess it makes for extremely sharp objects and is native to Deepholm. Thus, it can be found in places where earth elementals have come to Azeroth.

I would say Elementium is the number one mineral in Warcraft (that we know of). Formed in the Elemental Plane itself, it can only be found in Azeroth where there is a high concentration of Elemental forced. Thus, come the Cataclysm, it has become much more common. Deathwing's plates were made by this metal. It has awesome magical, elemental and physical properties.

I would say Warcraft's Pyrite differs to the real world in its magical properties. It gloowss in different colors!

I'm unsure as to Ghost Iron's properties or origins. It can only be found in Pandaria, and may be the Sha's effect on normal iron ores.

I imagine Kyparite to have healing and strengthening properties, but not much value in the making of weapons. However, it can be used on buildings.

Trillium is as mysterious as Ghost Iron, and we would have to ask a Pandaren to learn of its properties. There are black and white variants. I would guess the properties are mostly magical.

Silithyst is very strange. I think it's very weak in strength but has interesting properties.


Adamantite is only found in Draenor/Outland and is in fantasy considered extremely resistant, sometimes even more so than Mithril. However, it must exist in some form in Azeroth else Llane's father wouldn't have gotten the title "adamant". I am unsure as how to proceed.

Blackrock is a mineral that is created by Draenor's Elemental furies, not unlike Dark Iron. It has strong elemental and shamanistic properties.

True Iron is a form of iron found in Draenor. I imagine it is very strong, second only to Adamantite (in Draenor anyway). After the world's corruption by demonic forces, it slowly became Fel Iron, that can now be found in Outland. Apart from its resistance, this new variant also has fel magical properties.

Due to its purple coloration and lack of imagination, I'm going with Khorium having been created after Draenor became Outland, infusing its minerals with nether energies. Thus, it has extremely strong magical properties.

Okay, now that that is done, we can try to classify these minerals.

Strong and resistant metals, generally from best to less-best :p

True Iron/ Fel Iron;
Dark Iron;

Minerals with magical properties, no rank since the properties differ:
Fel Iron;
Ghost Iron;

Black and White Trillium;

Notes: Just like Saronite is the blood of Yogg-Saron, Silithyst may be the blood of C'thun and Kyparite the blood of Y'Shaarj. Interesting to consider.

What do you think of all these musings? It is a random Lore thread after all!
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