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Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
In before Eonar = Elune. I mean, there is no Pillar of Eonar, right?
I thought about that the first time we discussed about "who the fuck is Elune and why dat gurl got a pillar".

Imo Elune could definitely be Eonar, but we'd need some good explanation on the relation between her and the Moon. Plus, resto druids are so related to Eonar they could definitely be the same god.

Anyway, between the Elune theories, her being Eonar is my favorite.

Originally Posted by General Nazgrim
Ah... you have learned much... and learned well... an honorable battle.
In the end, I stood by the warchief, because it was my duty, and I am glad that it was you who struck me down.
May your strength... lead the horde... into a new era of prosperity...
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