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Default The Kyalin Hot Take thread

"Why are you back?"

It started with a twitter notification.

I got a Twitter account on the advisement of a speaker at a conference that I attended last year - to follow various things, and through one of the updates, I learned that WoW was implementing a classic mode. I watched the video, then I came upon the other one - the cinematic trailer for the new expansion.

"This might actually be interesting!", I thought. The Alliance was getting upset to the point that they were starting a war over Lordaeron? ... and they're making it complex that it was actually Anduin that started and he's not being portrayed as a lunatic crazy guy, like Garrosh was? I had a few questions of course, like "how the hell did the Alliance get up there?" and "did the Forsaken forget how to use blight". But, I was cautiously optimistic.

So, I poked over to the Story Forum to see if there was anything interesting about it. I was thinking that I would wait and see of course, to ensure that Blizzard didn't screw something else up, but there was a real chance of me coming back. Then I got confused.

What do you mean Teldrassil is being burned down?

Anyway, that's all prologue to this post:

..... alright Scryll. You win. I'm here. But this is probably as good of an occasion as any to come back at least for a little bit. Part of me misses having these arguments, even though I can tell you that I'm a genuinely happier person for stepping away from this franchise.

Also, to that comment, I am sure that Kosak's doctor is wondering if he's been taking Viagra, and just because he moved to Hearthstone doesn't mean that he doesn't have current or residual influence on the writing. Though I've got to hand it to whoever his successor is, he made me angrier than I ever was when I was still playing!

So anyway, I have to ask a favor of anyone who is still paying Blizzard to post on their site. Could you got get him for me? Maybe Lena and a few others as well? It's been a while and I'd like to see how the gang is holding up.

Past that of course, I really don't care where the discussion goes. I'm happy to discuss anything (for about a week or so before I go back to doing other things). Let the flaming begin!
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