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Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
I do not insist on it. It is just a theory that based on my observations seemed more plausible than the others and that has so far not been refuted by anything. Once it is, I will leave it behind.
Not refuted by anything? The WC2 manual calls it a 'kingdom,' and Deathwing counts Daelin Proudmoore as a monarch. Where is your evidence that it is a republic? A one time mention of 'merchant lord' in a non-specific manner is hardly evidence of a republic.

Cemotucu: Against your recent Kul Tiras edits on Wowpedia, it is possible for a state to be a city-state, a nation, and a kingdom. These are not mutually exclusive. Many ancient city-states were ruled by kings.

Keep in mind these bits in The Seven Kingdoms in-game book:
Gilneas, Alterac, and Kul Tiras were the first city-states to arise, and although they each had their own customs and commercial workings, they all held to the unifying authority of Strom.
Far to the north of Dalaran, the lords of Strom built a new city-state which they named Lordaeron.

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