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Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
Mengsk always retained a certain weakness that prevented him from controlling information as effectively as the UPL/UED on Earth or his Confederate predecessors in the Koprulu Sector. Unfortunately for him, it was a weakness he couldn't really do anything about due to the context in which he came to power.

Namely, he built the public trust in his leadership by specifically calling out that sort of stuff in the Confederacy. As soon as he highlighted the terrors of Confederate Ghosts assassinating dissidents all the time, nukes being dropped on certain disobedient worlds, and tight government controls on information preventing such things from becoming widely known as the problems with the old Confederate guard, his promises to not be the same by necessity hamstrung his own ability to rely on such tactics as extensively.

He was always undermined by the need to juggle his desired public image of not being like the Confederacy with the reality of being far more like them than he was willing to admit to himself.
I can see this being an issue for him. The UNN segments were still really silly, however.

Originally Posted by GenyaArikado View Post
Do they know that though? Idk if it was said, but maybe they just said the Queen of Blades attacked the Dominion while brave prince Valerian saved millions of citizens by evacuating (and by making Kerrigan attack shitty)
That's actually a good point. I figured Valerian's association with Raynor might have led people to think so, but perhaps not.
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