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Yes, Blizzard North was Condor. Everyone kind of left after Blizzard (South), from what I understand, more or less fell out of favor with them (I've heard a lot of scuttlebutt about how Diablo II's code was an absolute mess and I believe they were relegated to working on the GBA ports of Silicon and Synapse's old titles). Most of them went on to form Runic Games which made Torchlight, which is why that game is basically Diablo 2. It's also why Max Schaefer was publicly trash talking the Diablo 3 delays (I recall something along the lines of "Torchlight 3 will be out before Diablo 3" - yeah, that worked out well, didn't it?). I feel like there was a lot of bad blood there.

Looking at the wiki page for Runic, ironic they had some Flagship people there too. Guess this was the ex-Blizzard hangout

I'll need to check this doc out. I knew about a lot of this from an old interview in the Diablo 1 strategy guide where they talked about the original pitch being a turn-based claymation thing. Sounded really goofy TBH.

Edit: God damn, Bill Roper is working on Disney Infinity now? That's crazy.... I just thought he disappeared into the night after Flagship blew up...

Edit 2: Ok, checked out the PDF. Super interesting. The game didn't change nearly as much as I thought. Also the turn-based thing makes sense reading it that way - the game was basically fantasy X-Com.

The expansion pack thing was also kind of genius. I can see why they didn't go with it because it's very evil (maybe appropriate for Diablo? ) But it's not dis-similar to what they are doing now with Diablo 3 patches (only these are free).

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