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2 important devs, Yang and Dovu, recently moved from the Diablo team to WoW. They were mostly involved in Legendary item design.

Also, the head of world design left Blizzard for Obsidian.

At the same time Blizzard is hiring for multiple positions for a project related to Diablo that all sound like extremely early development stages, from possibly a new engine to early visual design work.

An expansion seems out of the question with several core devs leaving, it almost seems like D3 is going into maintenance with seasons for the foreseeable future and this might possibly be Diablo 4 instead of an expansion. Which would make sense, imo. With the RoS patches and loot 2.0 they realize they've struck a nerve and found a way to modernize Diablo with success. A new game utilizing the lessons they learned during III would have a good feel to it.

I highly doubt anything such as a different game set in the universe, such as an MMO.
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