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Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
Well, Matt Burns said that Chronicle is essentially a foundation upon which they wish to build more in one of his past tweets. I think he said that in relation to a question concerned with the cultures of different races. So, we might see different Chronicle spin-offs, bestiaries, racial books etc, once the basic Chronicle series are completed.
And potentially less omniscient, more in-universe accounts as well. Show what people themselves know, how they assess this knowledge, what does it mean to them. Not only a good way to introduce events that were otherwise outside of Chronicles' scope, but also to present factions' views of themselves, their allies and adversaries, the world itself and its fates.

I'd like to see the world (of Warcraft) through the eyes of its denizens, read their books, hear their tales: their chronicles, their epics, their studies, teachings, pamphlets and documents. All that material I can engage with -- by comparing, analyzing and trying, should I want, to make a more or less non-contradictory picture based on these, so as to construct a model of history, an abstract afterthought set againt vibrant, living backdrop. Which is not the same thing as "loremaster's bird's eye view" of the setting.

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