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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
About terran psychics, they were technically incorporated into the zerg swarm. The queen (the original and SC2 new breed) species was made with terran psychic potential... but admittedly that unit is rather underwhelming and doesn't show it much. I agree it should have been a much bigger and move obvious deal. Additionally terran psychic potential helped swarm in other smaller roles, potentially.
The only breeds that are confirmed in the fluff to have terran genes are the overseer, the changeling, and the aberration. Those genes are not specifically mentioned as psychic, and by the time of SC2 the concept of the determinant was irrelevant if not outright forgotten.

Of these, the changeling is the only one with apparent psychic powers (cloud the minds of enemy forces to perceive it as one of their own). The aberration has pretty much nothing in common with its human ancestors in physiology or psychology besides the top half of its face. The overseer has nothing remotely human about its physiology.

The SC1 queen, sometimes called a "brood queen", has no terran genes and the zerg history explicitly states that queens were present on Zerus (and overlords as well, which produces a minor contradiction as this should have given the zerg space travel before the behemoths arrived, but I digress). The SC2 queen, sometimes called a "swarm queen", has ambiguous fluff that cannot decide where her genes come from. An earlier iteration of the SC2 website stated her core genus was "unknown," other lore states they may be partial clones of QoB or incorporate protoss genes somehow (but other lore states that zerg and protoss genes are incompatible... despite the existence of hybrids).

In fact, terrans in general are mentioned in one short story as being incompatible with the zerg genes for no apparent reason. Most of them are driven insane for no apparent reason (as the gargantis proximae had language and did not suffer the same problem, nor did infested terrans in the games since they can still speak) and their psychic powers are destroyed... although all these problems can be trivially reversed by a simple terran nanomachine treatment, much less whatever treatment might be available to zerg or protoss medicine. Supposedly psychic powers are rendered useless if you make the tiniest modifications to unrelated parts of the genome... even though this makes no sense since that means simply evolving would destroy psychic potential. QoB (and also Stukov) ignored all of these hurdles because she is a special snowflake and by that I mean one of the official Q&A sessions explicitly calls her a demigoddess.

These are some the least annoying inconsistencies in the lore, but only because the plot of the games does not hinge on this and outright ignore it. Claiming that the determinant still existed in some form outside the original manual is, in my analysis, nothing more than an ad hoc rationalization. If you analyze the game script itself isolated from the manual, the presence of QoB comes off as a red herring since she is setup as some kind of zerg messiah but ultimately contributes nothing to the war effort since all the work is done by the presiding cerebrate. This is bad writing because most of the zerg campaign is dedicated to this red herring, making the whole thing filler and a pointless waste of time.

Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
And honestly not much to say, I largely agree with your vision. I was always one who valued scale, that is what pisses me a lot about WoW, how those societies face apocalyptic damage year after year in canon yet are not only no worse for wear but flourishing. So I definitely like those aspects, the protoss empire being an Empire and the zerg needing to invest a massive long term effort to reach Auir and break the protoss.

That said I do not agree that a reboot would be best, SC is not yet that broken imo (though Warcraft is, bring on the reboot there any day). There are indications that Blizzard wants to do a big time skip for SC. The plot is pretty much resolved as you yourself say. Kerrigan fulfilled her destiny and is now having cosmic sex with Raynor, those two never to be seen again or at best to show up as supporting "big good" characters in the future that help or empower the protagonists. Vallerian is sorting out humanity in league with Raynor's old crew represented by Matt. The protoss are united, rebuilding and poised to have a new renaissance. The zerg in the latest book are moving more towards sustainable living and spreading life to worlds in emulation of Kerrigan. I can see a more botanical zerg in the future, also more mellow and individualistic. A radical departure I know but it could be good if done well and you can always have old guard reactionaries (indeed that is what happens in the book).
So then you do a time skip and let new tension develop. Maybe terran population skyrockets in this time of peace and prosperity and starts to infringe on zerg wildlife worlds and protoss colonies. So the zerg lash out ecoterrorist style and the protoss now recovered revert to their older, zealous modes of thinking and decide they know best how to rule and guild the lesser races.

Anyhow you see the general idea. Time skip leaves the bad stuff but it also leaves the good stuff around and admittedly a reboot is a dirty concept, taking player experiences and expectations and ripping them apart, raping the continuity. A weapon of last resort. With a time skip you can pick and choose which events leave ripples that shape the modern time. Maybe Amon and his hybrids are totally ignored apart from the changes their existence left in protoss society. So let the good things leave a bigger mark on the future (the new present) than the bad things. In some ways it is like a reboot without tearing up the continuity that some people may actually like, and again I think reboots and retcons are just awful, awful tools. I would not even call them writing tools. Imagine if Dostoyevski or someone after him retconned Crime and Punishment? It is just horrid and inconceivable, and it is no better in game writing either, it should just not be done.

Now as I said there are indications of a time skip with Kerrigan and Raynor fucking off and all races healing and changing... but on the other hand Blizzard is notoriously reticent to give up on characters and ideas. Just letting a hundred years pass and have most or all human characters dead is such a big no no for blizz that they are quite liable to reverse course in which case they will likely just hammer the lore until SC3 makes a degree of sense. A reboot is unlikely too since Blizz also hates to discard old stories (and hence invalidate merch like games and books).

We may well be fucked either way friend
Every game has made retcons that so thoroughly invalidate the cause and effect relationship of past events that they might as well be reboots since they clearly do not make sense as part of the same universe. You want Blizzard to continue that course of action and further diverge from the original vision of StarCraft? I completely disagree.

Introducing more and more retcons only weakens the story. Any attempt to appeal to old fans by referencing past events is undermined by the retcons rendering those events nonsensical as part of the same timeline. Claiming that a reboot would confuse fans is hypocritical because the existing retcons and inevitable future retcons are already confusing enough. A reboot would offer a clean slate, free of the arbitrary and unnecessary restrictions of the current lore, and the ability to plan the new lore in advance with an eye to avoiding retcons and other inconsistencies. Comic books have realized this long ago and it works great for them because you cannot honestly expect fans to keep track of decades of backstory that is loaded with retcons and inconsistencies.

I think the new lore is bad. Not bad because it overturns past lore, but bad on its own merits. The old lore was the best lore because the writing was genuinely better, even as bare bones as it was (in fact the lack of detail probably helped by inspiring the readers' imaginations to fill in the blanks). I do not believe that the current lore can be course corrected, not without retcons so extreme they might as well be reboots anyway, and especially not by following your suggestions.

Turning the zerg into individualistic territorial eco-terrorists leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The original zerg were awesome even as bare bones as they were and had so potential for expansion. They took the science fiction cliche of the devouring swarm and took it in a new direction, they gave it personality for the first time in literary history. This gives them more storytelling potential compared to a typical devouring swarm like the tyranids.

Now the zerg are just bland and boring. Even Blizzard seemingly acknowledges this because the primal zerg have the exact same motivation as the pre-retcon zerg... except they are utterly incompetent due to their lack of hive mind. The primal zerg do not hold any appeal for me either.

I was never much interested in the protoss as I was the zerg, but I since they are supposed to be the zerg's final enemy I absolutely hated the way Blizzard systematically destroyed their civilization. That is not something that can be fixed with a time skip, it would still be a massive retcon that further weakens the story.

That is not to say your suggestion is bad on its own merits. It is fine on its own, but I do not find it suitable for the StarCraft franchise. The original lore carefully contrived reasons for the three races to interact violently. Not only that, but they were given their own motivations that were not solely dependent on the three way conflict. The terrans are motivated by many desires that cause conflict between the greedy oligarchy and the downtrodden civilians chaffing under their human rights violations. The protoss disagree over how best to enforce the philosophy of the great stewardship and to deal with the insatiable expansion of the terrans. The zerg seek perfection by assimilating the strongest species in the galaxy, and it is mere happenstance that the terrans and protoss play into this goal.

Brood War pretty much ruined the zerg by making QoB into a generic evil overlord who had no goals other than to take over the sector by butchering most of the population simply because she could. Not only that, but this completely clashed with her characterization in the last game as a short-sighted killing machine interested in nothing more than killing any non-zerg she could find, to the point she would threaten other commanders whenever they questioned her loyalty when she sought means to become a better killing machine. This basically makes her identical to Surtur/Kagg in the manual, which is described as so bloodthirsty it must be kept restrained to avoid collateral damage against the other broods, and I suspect that during development Kagg and QoB might have started as separate characters who were later merged. Contrast this against the Overmind, who displayed an extremely unsubtle god-complex (Metzen admits in an interview that its speech pattern was modeled after the King James Bible and Shakespeare) but ultimately cared only for the future of its "children" like any loving parent would.

StarCraft 2 discarded the three races' own motivations in favor of making them solely reactionary and forced to team up by the ham-fisted inclusion of Amon. Like QoB, Amon was a generic villain with a generically evil goal that was not the least bit believable. He was a watered-down rip-off of the Overmind.

If the modern zerg are basically hippies, why even call them zerg anymore? (I level the same complaint against the modern protoss.)
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