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Originally Posted by Cacofonix View Post
Yeah. I blame how Kerrigan/Queen of Blades became Starcraft's breakout character/mascot. It certainly guarenteed the series would be warped into the mess it is now.
That is why I advocate a reboot to basics. Comic books do it all the time and it works. Not that I trust Blizzard to write stories in general. Overwatch has no ongoing story and Blizzard writers still manage to introduce contradictions and retcons into it.

Most recently Blizzard released Tychus as a co-op commander despite him being deceased in canon and robo-zerg despite those being a throwaway idea introduced in an obscure comic. This is not the first time: Stukov's decaying corpse was somehow recovered and resurrected by zerg super-science off-screen; Heroes of the Storm includes the deceased Tassadar and crosses over with other Blizzard games. I fully expect that Blizzard will go the World of WarCraft route and plunder the StarCraft lore for all it could possibly be worth, no matter how obscure the plot points or the contradictions involved.

If Blizzard ever releases a new StarCraft campaign, whether as DLC for StarCraft 2 or StarCraft 3 or whatever, they will probably make more retcons to justify whatever bizarre plot they want and it will be even further distanced from everything that came before. The only reliable prediction is that Blizzard does not care for staying consistent, so it is impossible to predict what the plot would be aside from rehashing the plot beats of the past games (as every SC trilogy has essentially rehashed the same plot beats). It is entirely possible that the next StarCraft campaign might actually rehash the forgotten plot point where the zerg were trying to harvest terran psychics as a weapon against the protoss' galactic empire. This would contradict the events of the prior games and at best we would get some weak excuse about how events were actually different to what we thought they were (e.g. Amon was actually a good guy who was trying to stop the Overmind from conquering the universe or something). Or the UED would return and the three races have to unite to stop them, or Amon's ex-girlfriend would show up seeking revenge on Koprulu for killing him, or something equally absurd, or a combination of all those ideas.
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