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Originally Posted by Xilizhra View Post
What I had in mind, here, was to tie their origins and powers more closely to the Old Gods... possibly the Emerald Nightmare, in a way. Lord Godfrey could wind up joining the Twilight's Hammer and letting the rest in... and, in the end, possibly wind up as a worgen himself, leader of the Twilight's Scythe pack (I don't know if they'd actually have the Scythe of Elune, or just be constantly seeking it). Or, if not Godfrey, perhaps Crowley could turn evil... though I'd prefer it to be Genn, as I genuinely like Crowley a lot more and believe he serves better as a leader within the integrated Alliance, as he was against Gilnean isolationism, whereas all of our prior exposure to Genn was him being a colossal jerk.
I like how you say that given all Genn did was for his people and only them. You keep saying the same about the Forsaken.
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i literally just shit my pants with rage
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