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Originally Posted by Nazja View Post
But aren't the unique paladin models only for the canon paladins who actually appear in the campaign?
Yeah, they seem to mostly be for the paladins who pop up in "King Arthas". They've mentioned that the WC3 melee campaign is going to allow you to choose different skins for heroes (i.e. Jaina can be your Archmae hero in melee matches).

Anasterian replacing the Archmage hero (I'm guessing) in the Path of the Damned is so awesome. I'm loving them fixing these sensible continuity errors, or things that were sort of half-assed due to production constraints.

Reforged looks like a Chinese mobile game. I really hate the art style. They said they were inspired by the MoP cinematic and that's my least favorite cinematic from a design standpoint. The human and the pandaren (talking about the MoP cinematic) look alright, but the orc looks dumb and with odd proportions.
I don't know how I feel about the overall art style. Some of the models work for me. But a lot of the cinematic-based characters just almost literally look like the cinematic takes. (Archimonde & Mannoroth for example)

But there's something kind of limited about it. They're going for more realistic proportions but that's... weird.
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