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Default Is it possible to have an "ultimate" antagonist of a Superhero Trilogy/Series?

Like EVERY villain of this trilogy/series is linked to this ultimate antagonist. Nearly EVERYTHING was setup to build the final showdown between the hero and this villain? It would require a lot of good writing and good oversight to make, but you know it's going to be very amazing if it could be done right.

Right now, The Amazing Spider Man series was the only one trying to do it, every bad guy/bad thing was related to the Osborncorp. too bad the 2nd movie didn't meet the expectation.

Thanos probably got the best build up, still Avengers 2 got little to do with him. Most of the MCU's bad things got little to do with him.

Iron Man could have followed this path if the Mandarin plot wasn't twisted. Killian actually got little to do with the real Ten Rings, which was involved in the previous 2 movies. Captain America trilogy got Hydra as the villain of its first 2 movies but got little link between each other. The third movie is Civil War, MCU Zemo wasn't Hydra member either.

FOX got many "awesome big bad" but couldn't do them well. X-3 was horrible and Apocalypse also suffered from lack of previous setup, such a big villain deserves more than 1 post credit scene before his own movie. Let's hope they could do better to Dark Phoenix.

Nolan's Batman got LoS as the villain of BB and TDKR but I won't call the links and build up good enough. Talia wasn't handled well.

DCEU's Superman could have been done that way if there was MoS2 and 3 instead of BVS, like that:

Krypton's Destruction was due to its super computer Brainiac's deception.

Brainiac serves as the 2nd movie's antagonist.

Brainiac left out a plan to create/awake the cursed creature Doomsday as the villain of the 3rd one, also the perfect chance to introduce Superman's Death.

Right now they are trying to setup Darkseid, but I won't call JL a very good setup, all we got was Steppenwolf calling Darkseid's name.
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