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Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
Banning immigration is not an extremist position? What?

I don't understand your comment about freedom of speech being 'illiberal' because it's a 'pressure valve'.
How is it extremist? Why are countries obliged to accept immigrants if their populace mostly does not want to? It may be extremist in the sense that few hold the position of "zero immigration" but it is not extremist in the sense of being morally wrong which is how I meant it.

Well I did say "almost illiberal." I meant that without the pressure valve of allowing people to speak their mind there would be a lot more resentment. People would be more inclined to organize with violent intent to get their ideas implemented. There would be more rebellions and consequently revolutions. In the end maybe (and it's a big maybe) the status quo would be more upset in this way rather than through the exchange of ideas in a free speech society. So free speech may paradoxically help the status quo. That was the line of thinking, just a bit of food for thought.
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