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Originally Posted by Sakurako View Post
I thought the pantheon was dead? Also Irony of Illidan becoming a warden lol but cool that was what I was looking for thank you Astreisk!!
Their bodies were destroyed but their spirits still exist. On Argus Sargeras is trying to torture and brainwash them and put them into Avatars under the control of his Legion. He already succeeded with Aggramar whose avatar is the semifinal boss of the raid, he's trying to capture Eonar and a boss fight is protecting her soul, and the others' souls are actively being tortured by the shivarra boss.

And the last boss of the raid is the world-soul of Argus, which has been tortured by the Legion for thousands and thousands of years and its power allows them to resurrect on the planet Argus, even though they should be dying permanently because it's inside the Nether.

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