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Originally Posted by spidey1980 View Post
What lengths? All they would've needed to do was listen for five minutes. They could have done that with a million cannons pointed at the envoys in case it was a ruse.
What really bothers me about the Alliance's attitude here is that they are unwilling to admit that they made mistakes as well. I'm not sure i remember it correctly, but i think Anduin at least does in Before the Storm but by that point it is too late. Sylvanas is enforcing this narrative and the resulting hatred runs way too deep to change things.
So, the Alliance made a mistake. Is that reason to push for war? Is that justification for all the heinous things the forsaken did over the years? Is that a way out for all of Sylvanas' actions?

That's the real problem: Alliance may have been wrong a few times, but what Horde does because of those mistakes is way worse. If the Alliance acted the same way, the Horde wouldn't exist anymore.
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