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Originally Posted by Deicide View Post
BfA patches are coming soooo slow I don't know if an expansion announcement will feel too early. I mean, 8.1.5 hasn't been released yet, 8.2 will arrive around July. At this rate, 8.2.5 will come close to Blizzcon itself, and 8.3 and 8.3.5 will take more than half of next year....
Maybe they're just dragging it out to Blizzcon cause everyone already cut and run for the next go around and they're going to sink the whole thing, WOD style?

End Nazjatars patch with Nzoth breaking free and scrub 8.3's actual end to the faction conflict and play it like everything going to shit with an old god breaking loose. Announce next expansion at Blizzcon right afterward. Could easily see them pulling a Legion 2.0 in terms of content to save the subs if they sent Hots's team there after they shut that down. Doubly so if they fold in some extra development from the live team jettisoning BFA.

Theres also the possibility that they're just dragging it out as they are having to rush a shit tonne of new stuff along behind the scenes to pivot the design away from the revulsion of Azerite gear and towards the necklace like they said they were.
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