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Some random thoughts:

I think Sylvanas’ actual master is Helya since the pact in Helheim. Blizzard made us kill Helya to throw us off that trail, but the Island Expeditions make it clear Helya’s not quite dead.

Also, Sylvanas’ powers over undeath seem to be getting stronger but kept hidden from players. In “Dark Mirror” it’s stated the val’kyr can’t create greater undead without a power source (such as the Lich King), unless they sacrifice some of their own power. But now not only Sylvanas is creating more dark rangers than ever, she also made Derek a greater undead.

Beyond that, the Horde has been showing a lot of death knights, specially as elite quest mobs in faction invasions. Where are these death knights coming from?

And let’s not forget the attempted alliance with Dreven and his san’layn.

Either Sylvanas is using azerite to empower her val’kyr, or she’s getting power from somewhere else (Helya?).

I wouldn’t be surprised if Helya was the one that killed Vol’jin and tricked him into placing Sylvanas in power. Then she contacted Sylvanas and revealed about Eyr, thus tempting Sylvanas into their pact.
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