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Originally Posted by kobebyarlant View Post
I leveled my first Horde character since vanilla through the Cata revamp recently, and I’ve rarely felt so... dirty playing a game.

Every zone is just you slaughtering Alliance forces for the horrible act of, I dunno, defending themselves against the Horde’s attacks and genocide I guess? Literally, genocide. They have death camps and the carpet bomb with plague canisters. I mean the Alliance fights the Horde to defend itself and not be killed, while the Horde fights the Alliance just to kill the Alliance.

Seriously, there’s no motivation. You can tell this was when the devs were at peak Horde bias. They just assume you agree the Horde is Right and Honorable and Cool and that’s enough motivation to hate the Alliance.

It would be like if GTAV painted the playable characters as unironic heroes because they killed any pesky cop for the horrible injustice of shooting at them while they were going on a public rampage.
I guess you missed the quest "The War of Northwatch Aggression" in southern Durotar where Alliance forces where making a base in to attack Sen'jin village, Orgrimmar, and The Valley of Trials. If that doesn't merit aggressive response, I don't know what does.
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