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Over all I'm pretty happy with the skins but kind of bummed at the content in general. We got considerably less this year than last. That is to say, yeah we got a couple more legendary skins vs 8 vs 4, but we got little much else. Small things like lack of RIP stones for the new characters, which really don't take much effort to make, Highlights, I guess we got a couple victory poses but it all amounts to less than year one. This is compounded with getting the exact same event brawl with one new boss and I guess 3 more characters in a new mode of that same event brawl. I dunno, I guess I expected more since they have so much less to do.

That said, Cultist Zen, Jiangshi Mei, Dragon Sym and Viking Torb are all wonderful. Totally 80's Zarya is pretty ok, it would be better at another time of year. Pirate Ana is alright. Van Helsing Mcree's hat needs to be taller, it's pretty bland otherwise. Finally, Dracula Reaper is over all pretty lack luster and his skin last year was superior in all ways, I sort of wish he didn't have his regular mask. I'd much rather have seen other characters that haven't gotten any love last year get skins or at least... stuff. Really odd choices about who got skins this year...
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