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Default Void and other dark magics

I feel like this would be a good time for them to better explain the interactions of the various magics. Void, Fel, and Death are different types of magic, but in game they are more or less the same. It makes sense Light opposes Void, but why is Light extra effective against Fel and Death too? Noted by Wake of Ashes from Ashbringer and the Silver Hand buff against undead. It seems odd to me Warlocks control both fel and void - these two types of magic are not connected; death is between them. We know the Burning Legion enslaved Voidwalkers, and that is part of why some void is present, but it doesn't explain how Fel casters are using Shadow (void) magic.

Unless Shadow Magic is more of a broad term for any sort of "dark" evil magic, but void is it's own magic that we only have tapped on, just like Death Knights have only tapped the limits of Death magic. This would explain why the Light is effective against all dark magic

Void Elves introduce a chance to dig into what is Void magic, and what are its effects. Maybe digging deep into the Void is different than trifling with the edges of shadow magic
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