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Originally Posted by Rhllor View Post
What you propose is our defeat and destruction, no one in the horde would accept that. as no one in the alliance would accept that the horde annihilated the alliance!
I'm proposing that for both factions. The Horde needs to go first, because there's no way they can split without their highly number of warmongers being culled or isolated first.

The Alliance have always been the good guys, because they're civilized enough to live outside the constant cycle of war. The Horde is incapable of that, and that incapability has only gotten worse since Thrall left.

If the Horde won and the Alliance was destroyed, Alliance races would probably get enslaved or exterminated, and the Horde would eventually explode from infighting once they have no enemies left.

The Horde has no future through victory.

Orcs are savage fucks that don't belong in cities, and should go back to the clan system. Most forsaken are a menace to life itself, and should be put to rest. There's no good ending awaiting them, no matter the path.

How I would do it:

Once the Horde is defeated, tauren and night elves form a new druid-focused faction for themselves, with some other minor races, and take control of northern and western Kalimdor. They then live in balance with nature, clashing against centaurs, silithids, and orcs now and then.

Jungle trolls join the Zandalari, rebuild their empire without the orcish baggage, and live in good terms with the humans, recruiting goblins into their fold. Forest and ice trolls are left aside in their small corners of the world, or leave their homelands to join the new southern empire. Zul'Aman won't stand around long, since they're alone, surrounded, and way too warlike, much like orcs. The new jungle troll empire could try to negotiate between high elves, humans, and forest trolls, but it doesn't look easy.

Blood elves are another menace, but most can be turned back into high elves. The few that escape the fall of Silvermoon can hide in Kalimdor, and then rebuild Theramore for themselves after the Horde's defeat, becoming a sort of rogue magical kingdom, where some forsaken could retreat as well.

Most forsaken would be killed, and those who aren't would rejoin the new kingdom of Lordaeron, who would embrace undeath as part of its culture, turning their fallen warriors into undead if they're worthy, so they can keep serving the nation. The plaguelands would be cleansed, and the Scourge presence removed completely from the Eastern Kingdoms.

Orcs go back to clans, and spread around Kalimdor, mostly around the Barrens and Durotar. Some of the more peaceful clans could be allowed to go further than that, and settle on other locations that aren't occupied by any other faction. They would all be far enough from each other, as to not form another Horde ever again. Tauren keep their distance from them, understanding this is the best outcome for them. The tides turn, and orcs become the nomad tribes, while tauren settle down and build their own nation.

As for the Alliance, humans split in kingdoms once again. Gilneas embraces the worgen curse as part of their culture, much like Lordaeron embraced undeath. Dalaran is restored, and takes over Alterac and Hillsbrad, becoming a magical superpower and the capital of the civilized world, hosting the "United Nations" of Azeroth, and welcoming other races. Stromgarde is restored and takes over eastern Lordaeron. Kul Tiras and Stormwind are still around.

The kingdom of Silvermoon is restored, but the high elves shun arcane magic, returning to nature and the light instead, leaving the humans as the only ones with a strong magical culture. The dwarves split in three once again, Blackrock Mountain and Grim Batol being properly retaken and rebuilt. Gnomes see no changes. Stormwind and the draenei keep a healthy relationship through the light, and join in as a single nation, leaving the isles of Kalimdor, which would be occupied by night elves. Stormwind becomes a religious superpower through the light.

Pandaren reunite under a single banner once again, and become wary of foreigners and the wars they could bring to their lands. The Scourge disappears, and the nerubians slowly rebuild their empire, embracing undeath as part of their culture as well.

Draenor and Outland collapse or get destroyed, their races receiving refuge in Azeroth. The ogres are given shelter by the trolls, and the arakkoa find a home in Kalimdor under the night elves.

Four major factions dominate the future of Azeroth:
  • Pact of Kalimdor: Lead by the night elves, includes the tauren, the arakkoa, and minor native races from Kalimdor. Big emphasis on druidism and shamanism. They control most of Kalimdor. They are lead by Tyrande Whisperwind, who is back to his old W3 self now that Malfurion is out of scene (sleeping, dead, or whatever). They have the best quality of life, but they are ruled with an iron fist, giving tradition and authority a lot of importance.
  • Zandabashi Empire: The reborn troll empire, including Zandalari, jungle, and sand trolls, together with goblins and ogres. They control the South Seas. They are lead by a council, representing each group inside the faction, which names a leader every few years. Life is hard, but good. They represent the traders and the free world the best.
  • Alliance of Lordaeron: A coalition of independent human, dwarf, elf, and gnome kingdoms, working together through a parliament of democratically elected representatives in Dalaran, instead of an individual leader. They control most of the Eastern Kingdoms, and have constant political disputes between each other, but they never get too bad. Most of the power still lies in each king's hands. Bureaucracy can get really bad at times, and the system forces "rebel" kingdoms to fall in line too often, the will of the majority preventing change and progress.
  • Free Nations: An excuse of a faction, founded by the blood elves who escaped the fall of Silvermoon. Mostly a huge criminal cartel, with their capital city at Dustwallow Marsh, over the ruins of Theramore. Survives by working for the other factions against each other. Regularly employs orcish mercenaries, breaking all treaties, and "fights for the rights" of minor groups who feel menaced by the major factions. Some of their members have good intentions, fighting for a better world, but their nation is too rotten at the core and they never make any progress. Many dissidents flee to them from the other factions. There's a lot of freedom, but slavery is widespread as well. There are no rules, for the best and for the worst, and you're on your own.

That's my ideal future for Azeroth.

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