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Originally Posted by Cacofonix View Post
It sounds like you're not pleased about Azeroth having one big archenemy who's a force behind other villains (in the Legion's case, the Horde and Scourge). I can see your issue. Can't you just make the villains more independent (Horde is already around before the demons make contact, Scourge largely connects to anti-Alliance/Terenas movements in Lordaeron with Ner'zhul through his agents appropriating them for his schemes)?
I am neither pleased nor displeased. The response I got made me curious about speculating about an alternate WC3 which continues from WC2 without the retcons involving the titans and legion and such.

WCA already provided some idea for how the orcs could have reclaimed their shaman roots without invoking the blood curse, so I was curious as to whether similar logic could be applied to other concepts introduced in WC3. That is a much bigger topic which includes this one within it.

I cannot change the title for this thread so if anyone else agrees I will make a new thread with a title along the lines of "What if WC3+ did not retcon in the titans, burning legion et al?" in order to attract correct responses.
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