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Originally Posted by Vineyard View Post
It was indeed a very interesting read.

(However, I don't think anybody here got doxed as the poor OP of the Blog Post was.

Sadly doxing attack became more common during the past year in lots of discussion spheres...)
The extremist left, which has a chokehold on social media, has a saying. No bad tactics, only bad targets. They will dox you, report your children to CPS, and try their best to ruin your life because you don't deserve to be a person.

Doxxing is today, a very real reality that used to be restricted to left wing activists, then it got picked up by 4chan, and spread out from there. Now, it's not unusual for news outlets to advertise lists where peoples names, personal information, emails, etc can be added for any reason whatsoever under the guise of a "List of accused "insert problematic clause"..

Because we live in a cyber dystopia. It is no longer fear mongering. Facecrimes are a thing, where people dox and try and ruin your life because they don't like the expression you have at any given moment. Where accusations of events decades ago should be enough to ruin your life, and how dare you get angry or upset about it. In some (pretending to be)civilized parts of the world you can be arrested for using the wrong pronoun.

All it takes is one person.
Fucking Epic :X

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